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Richard Floyd IV:
Long Island Loyalist

published in Long Island History Journal

(December, 2015)

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Patriots Against Loyalists on
Eastern Long Island,

published in Journal of the American Revolution

(May, 2018)

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Maintaining Normalcy in
British-Occupied Brookhaven,
Eastern Long Island, New York

published in Journal of the American Revolution

(July, 2018)

Short Stories

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The Sixth Session

(Black Hare Press, 2022)

In "The Sixth Session," Walter discusses his disturbing problems with his therapist.

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Sins of the Snow

(Black Hare Press, 2019)

A black cat named Roderick discovers his family is in grave danger on Christmas Day, and it's up to him to save them.

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The Trials of Dr. Rains

(Nightmare Press, 2020)

After Helen Rains witnesses bulging eyes in the woods bordering her family's estate, she asks her father, botanist Dr. Walter Rains, questions about the strange vision. But her inquisition makes him irritable; he avoids her, working tirelessly in his greenhouse every night. Helen's convinced that Dr. Rains is hiding something about the forest, and she's determined to find out what it is.

The Facts in the Case
of M. Valdemar

(Camden Park Press, 2018)

A robotics engineer becomes obsessed with the idea that mesmeric influence can arrest death long enough to download the human psyche into a machine.

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