Richard Floyd IV:
Long Island Loyalist

published in Long Island History Journal 

Patriots Against Loyalists on
Eastern Long Island, 1775-1776

published in Journal of the American Revolution 

Short Stories

The Red Devil's Quill

published in Thuggish Itch: Devilish

The reverend Zachariah Fanning is visited by the Devil during an intense snowstorm. Zachariah realizes that the red creature is not as miserable as he thought him to be.

The Animated Dead

published in Midnight Masquerade: A Masquerade Anthology

A guest at a masquerade notices a foul sight that nobody else sees.

Dark Encounter |
Many Feet |

published in WORLDS: A Dark Drabbles Anthology

100-word Science Fiction stories. Many Feet follows two explorers on Carboniferous Earth.

100-word Horror stories. Salvation showcases a mad doctor who tries to control the beast within.

The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

published in Quoth the Raven: A Contemporary Reimagining
of the Works of Edgar Allan Poe

A robotics engineer becomes obsessed with the idea that mesmeric influence can arrest death long enough to download the human psyche into a machine.

Revolutionary Hunger

published in Horror Bites Magazine

(Issue #8)

Young Loyalist soldier Elijah Lockwood mysteriously disappears while journeying home to visit his family.

The Battle of Purgatory |
One Last Chance | Troubles |

published in ANGELS: A Dark Drabbles Anthology

100-word Fantasy stories. In The Battle of Purgatory, Raphael and his archangels war against the demons of Hell for control over Purgatory.

Antique Beauty |
Revolutionary Vision

published in BEYOND: A Dark Drabbles Anthology

100-word Supernatural stories. Antique Beauty follows a young man as he ventures into an historic house alone. 

Comic Books

Clamor of the Bells

published in Gravely Unusual Magazine

(Issue #1) 

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