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Short Stories


In The Sixth Session, Walter discusses his disturbing problems with his therapist.

A mummy awakens from his murky slumber to the screams of his child in The Mummy of the Marsh.

In The Trial of Dr. Rains, young Helen discovers disturbing truths about the woods bordering her family's estate.

In The Wrath of Atum, humans suffer the consequences of their disobedience to the gods.

Egyptian Gold follows the mummy Nesmin in post-apocalyptic New York City. 

An obsessed robotics engineer attempts to download an expiring human psyche into a machine in The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.

Salvation showcases a mad doctor who tries to control the beast within.

In The Red Devil's Quill, a reverend realizes that the Devil is not as miserable as he thought him to be.

Many Feet follows two explorers on Carboniferous Earth.

A black cat named Roderick discovers his family is in grave danger on Christmas Day in Sins of the Snow.

In The Shadow of Oysterponds, a wounded British officer seeks shelter at an inn.

Antique Beauty follows a young man as he ventures into an historic house alone. 

An enchanted skunk faithfully serves his master, the River Witch, in Fountain of Youth.

In The House of Many Faces, a lonely man creeps through an old dark house that he doesn't remember entering.

In Son of Night, a confused man follows a mysterious cloaked figure to a strange destination.

In The Battle of Purgatory, Raphael and his archangels war against the demons of Hell for control over Purgatory.

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