Short Stories

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The Controller of the Mysteries

The Mummy's Curse

The Opening of the Mouth

The Wrath of Atum

published in ANCIENTS: A Dark Drabbles Anthology

(Black Hare Press, 2020)

In The Wrath of Atum, humans suffer the consequences of their disobedience to the gods.

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The Trials of Dr. Rains

published in Retro Horror

(Nightmare Press, 2020)

After Helen Rains witnesses bulging eyes in the trees, she starts asking questions about the woods bordering her family's estate. Her inquisition provokes the ire of her father, Dr. Walter Rains, who spends too much time in his greenhouse.

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Egyptian Gold

The Rider on the Black Horse

published in APOCALYPSE: A Dark Drabbles Anthology

(Black Hare Press 2019)

100-word apocalyptic stories. Egyptian Gold follows the mummy of Nesmin in post-apocalyptic New York City. 

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The Blessed Dead

The Mummy of the Marsh

published in HATE: A Dark Drabbles Anthology

(Black Hare Press, 2020)

A mummy awakens from his murky slumber to the screams of his child in The Mummy of the Marsh.


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Richard Floyd IV:
Long Island Loyalist

published in Long Island History Journal 

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Patriots Against Loyalists on
Eastern Long Island, 1775-1776

published in Journal of the American Revolution 

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Comic Books

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Clamor of the Bells

published in Gravely Unusual Magazine

(Issue #1)

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Spirit Guild