Short Stories

100-word Horror stories.
Salvation showcases a mad doctor who tries to control the beast within.

100-word apocalyptic stories. Egyptian Gold follows the mummy of Nesmin in post-apocalyptic New York City. 

Powers of Earth and Hell

published in WHAT IF?: History Rewritten

(Black Hare Press)

In 1776, four gifted anthropomorphic long-tailed weasels named Blaken, Marston, Rowen, and Seddus journey through New York on their quest to defeat Pan, a cunning villain who sparked the American Revolution.

A black cat named Roderick discovers his family is in grave danger on Christmas Day, and it's up to him to save them.

The Red Devil's Quill

(Gypsum Sound Tales)

The reverend Zachariah Fanning is visited by the Devil during an intense snowstorm. Zachariah realizes that the red creature is not as miserable as he thought him to be.

A robotics engineer becomes obsessed with the idea that mesmeric influence can arrest death long enough to download the human psyche into a machine.

The Animated Dead

(Fantasia Divinity)

A guest at a masquerade notices a foul sight that nobody else sees.

Young Loyalist soldier Elijah Lockwood mysteriously disappears while journeying home to visit his family.

100-word Science Fiction stories. Many Feet follows two explorers on Carboniferous Earth.

100-word Fantasy stories. In The Battle of Purgatory, Raphael and his archangels war against the demons of Hell for control over Purgatory.

The Blessed Dead

The Mummy of the Marsh

100-word hate stories. In The Mummy of the Marsh, a mummy awakens to the screams of his child.

100-word Supernatural stories.

Antique Beauty follows a young man as he ventures into an historic house alone. 

The Mummy's Desire

(NBH Publishing)

Eleven-year-old Marshall Alfani makes a spooky discovery about the local museum's prized mummy.

Ancient Bandages

The Curse Reborn

100-word love stories. Both stories focus on the mummy of King Necho II, who yearns for his reincarnated love and decides to act.

A confused man follows a mysterious cloaked figure to a strange destination.

The Shadow of Oysterponds

(Gypsum Sound Tales)

A wounded British major seeks shelter at a Long Island inn during the American Revolution.

The House of Many Faces

(Gypsum Sound Tales)

A terrified man walks through an old dark house that he doesn't remember entering.

Hollow Brook Forest

(Fantasia Divinity)

A family of three are pestered by a cryptic man named Everett Harding, who wishes to purchase their property.

Fountain of Youth

(Soteira Press)

An enchanted skunk faithfully serves his master, the River Witch.

The Room of Choice showcases an important moment for a student magician.